EXPORTLY:  Reduce Cost, Time and Risk in International Commodity Trading
Eliminate Letters Of Credit With Exportly.
"Exportly lowers the cost of international commodity trading by 15%-50% and doubles the amount of trades you can do in a year."
The Exportly System...
  • Eliminates the need for Letters Of Credit.
  • Reduces Costs​by 15%-50%.
  • Lowers transaction time by as much as 80%.
  • Mitigates trade finance risk.
  • Stops fraud and theft.
Using Exportly for one of our sugar trades from Brazil to Senegal, we were able to eliminate 15% of the costs and lower the total process time from 187 days to 80 days. - Sadik Elouhabi, D. Avincci Global Trading
The Blockchain...
removes the need for trust in transactions. It does this by keeping a ledger that cannot be changed.

Technically speaking, it is a decentralized network of computers that has an unhackable protocol to ensure the ledger remains unchanged. Exportly uses the Blockchain as the ledger and "trusted third party" to manage the physical purchase and delivery of commodities from one country to another. This removes all the unneeded middlemen and processes that waste time, money and unnecessary risk.

Specifically, Exportly uses the Blockchain to store the counterparty identities, steps in the transactions, all documents and is the intermediary for the payment to the Supplier.

The Exportly Solution.
Buyers and suppliers of international commodities use Exportly and BLOCKCHAIN to trade.  Unneeded speculators, traders, brokers and banks are removed from the process.
The Buyer uploads the executed contract with the Supplier to the Exportly system. This alerts the supplier to package, insure, load and ship the cargo.
All documents including the contract, proof of funds, proof of product, proof of insurance, the bill of lading are stored on the Blockchain.
Once the goods have arrived and are accepted by the buyer, the transaction is concluded in the Exportly system.
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